FOI Disclosure Log

TEQSA is required by the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (s 11C) to publish a disclosure log on its website. This disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to an FOI access request.

The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:

  • personal information about any person if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be ‘unreasonable’
  • any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.

The information described in this disclosure log has been released by TEQSA under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and is available for public access.

Information may be obtained by writing to:



Information Officer
Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
GPO Box 1672
Melbourne VIC 3001

A charge may be imposed to reimburse TEQSA for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you. There will be no charge for the time spent by TEQSA in processing the FOI request that led to this information being made available. You will be notified if any charge is payable and you are required to pay the charge before the information is provided.

Information referred to in TEQSA’s disclosure log will generally be removed after 12 months, unless the information has enduring public value.

2014/04 21 November 2014 Access to the Application for Renewal of Registration form provided by ParaPharm Pty Ltd (trading as Paramount College of Natural Medicine) for Bachelor of Health Science degree (homeopathy) and any related material submitted from external stakeholders and any review of this material by TEQSA. 2 documents, partially released. N/A
2014/05 29 October 2014 Document of every institution registered as a higher education provider with Name, Trading Name(s), CEO/Manager, addresses, branches, phone numbers, fax numbers, ACN, ABN, University Identifier, email addresses or any other reasonable public contact details  including the name of each higher education course code, level, name and/or description/blurb they are accredited to deliver (or self-accredited which they are required under the Act to report and have reported to TEQSA). 3 documents, full release. N/A
2015/04 10 March 2015

All advice, briefings, memoranda, reports or other formal written material (excluding correspondence) generated in the past two years (calendar years 2013 and 2014) by the staff of, and/or contractors and consultants to, TEQSA and addressed to the organisation’s senior employees or the Minister for Education, which addresses any of the following issues:

  • Academic standards at Australian universities and whether such standards have changed;
  • The financial or other pressure on universities to maintain high student retention rates;
  • The influence of international full fee-paying students on university finances and/or academic standards;
  • The prevalence of so-called ‘soft marking’, by whatever description is used.

A schedule of documents captured by the application, including the date of the document’s creation, its author, the number of pages of which it is comprised, and its title.

1 document, partially released. N/A
2015/08 3 August 2015

Any full reports TEQSA made in relation to the renewal of accreditation of the following six courses from MIT:

  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Diploma of Business
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Networking
  • Graduate Diploma of Networking
  • Master of Networking

All documents (including emails to and from previous TEQSA staff and Commissioners) about RMIT which relate to my August 2013 complaint and subsequent follow up emails in January/February 2014 and August 2014.

All documents to or from members of the Parliament of Australia which relate to my August 2013 complaint and my subsequent follow up emails in January/February 2014 and August 2014.

2 documents, full release.

4 documents, partially released.

2016/01 27 September 2016

The number of Higher Education Providers that have applied to TEQSA for registration and become active or deemed unsuccessful in the last 12 months (including the number of for-profit and not-for-profit status providers).

For each unnamed provider (identified as a for-profit or not-for-profit status provider), the number of courses initially applied for.

1 document, full release.

2017/01 30 March 2017 Documents relating to RMIT Vietnam site visit in 2016. 5 documents, partially released. N/A