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Fourth annual TEQSA conference: Partnerships driving quality

Panel discussions and keynote addresses from 2019's fourth annual TEQSA conference are being made available on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

Third annual TEQSA conference: Innovation, excellence, diversity

Panel discussions and keynote addresses from 2018's third annual TEQSA conference are available on our YouTube channel.

Second annual TEQSA conference: Students, quality, success

A number of panel discussions and keynote addresses from 2017's second annual TEQSA conference are available from our YouTube channel.


TEQSA and Professional Accreditation Bodies Forum

Melbourne, 14 December 2018

Quality Enhancement Forum Series

Quality assurance of online learning (Melbourne, 27 November 2018)

Academic integrity and contract cheating (Sydney, 27 October 2017)

Student attrition in higher education (Melbourne, 19 July 2017)

TEQSA staff presentations

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