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Presentation of a TEQSA Risk Assessment

1 January 2014

Introduction and background

TEQSA’s Risk Assessment Framework (RAF) outlines TEQSA’s approach for undertaking risk assessments of higher education providers, including the set of risk indicators used. This information sheet provides further details on the presentation of a risk assessment, including a copy of the template used by TEQSA.


The risk assessment template reflects the steps in the process as outlined in TEQSA's Risk Assessment Framework. These steps include:

  1. Risk profile summary (analysis is aggregated and overall findings of the assessment are detailed).
  2. Provider context (for example, information on the provider’s scope of operations and the structure that it operates within).
  3. Regulatory history and standing (findings of previous regulatory processes with TEQSA such as renewal of registration).
  4. Student profile and outcomes (for example, indicators relating to student load, progress and satisfaction)
  5. Staff resources and profile (for example, indicators relating to academic staffing levels and number of senior academic leaders)
  6. Financial viability and sustainability (using a set of risk indicators)