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New report shows continued growth in applications from prospective higher education providers

29 March 2017

Media Release

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has released its quarterly report highlighting continued interest from new providers wishing to enter Australia’s higher education sector.

The report, Prospective higher education providers update, shows consistent growth in the number of organisations seeking entry to the higher education sector between October and December 2016, with 80 per cent of new prospective applicants identifying as registered training organisations.

There are currently 168 higher education providers registered in Australia, with a further 86 organisations having applied or registered interest in applying to enter the sector – an increase of 10 from the previous quarter.

Unlike applications from registered higher education providers where a core set of standards are examined, applications from prospective new entrants are subject to detailed assessments against the full Higher Education Standards Framework.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said that this requirement ensured a ‘high front gate’ for sector entry, fulfilling a responsibility to safeguard student interests and the strong reputation of Australia’s higher education sector.

“Also of note was the similarity of the courses prospective providers have indicated they propose to deliver, with management and commerce and information and technology featuring heavily,” Mr. McClaran said.

The Prospective higher education providers update aims to provide timely information on the number of potential entrants being assessed by TEQSA to deliver higher education in Australia.

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