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Views sought on proposed changes to professional accreditation

12 April 2018

The Department of Education and Training and the Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP) are seeking stakeholders’ views on the implementation of proposed changes to professional accreditation practice in higher education.

After significant consideration during 2016–2017, HESP recommended a number of changes to professional accreditation practice, which aim to reduce duplication and costs of accrediting courses with professional bodies.

With the Government accepting the HESP’s advice in principle, views are now being sought on how best to implement the suggested changes, which range from a legislated code of practice limiting professional accreditation bodies to matters that are profession-specific, to TEQSA working with accrediting bodies to build their capacity to work more effectively and efficiently.

Any comments or views on the matter can be forwarded to HigherEd [at] education.gov.au by 30 April 2018.

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