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Updated Material Change Notification Policy

15 September 2017

In response to recent feedback from consultation with the sector, TEQSA has published a number of updates to the Material Change Notification Policy in recent months. Changes include further clarification on the need to report certain types of changes in the following categories:

  • Provider governance and status: by the inclusion of  references to changes in any senior manager or officeholder who ‘may fairly be assumed to represent the provider in relation to the business of providing courses’ (under the ESOS Act).
  • Good standing: by the addition of a further change relating to ‘adverse findings, decisions or unscheduled compliance audits by another regulator, government department or accreditation body (especially against key personnel, the provider, or related entities), that bring into question the provider’s ability to meet applicable legislation or any of the HES Framework Standards’
  • Changes that may impact financial viability: by the addition of two extra points: ‘material growth or decline in the provider’s revenue or profitability (projected or actual), and ‘material changes to the provider’s existing, new or anticipated revenue sources’.
  • Changes that may impact students: including the addition of two extra points: ‘critical incidents and other material breaches in safety’, and ‘recurring incidents of sexual assault or sexual harassment’.

Providers are advised to check the Material Change Notification Policy on a regular basis (with version control identifying the changes). Case managers can also be contacted with any further questions.