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TEQSA streamlines application for renewal of registration and course accreditation

22 October 2018

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has announced changes to its regulatory processes regarding higher education provider’s registration and course accreditation.

The changes, which reflect the greater level of information and understanding of providers’ operations, will see the agency use its powers under the TEQSA Act to offer extensions to the registration and course accreditation periods of a select number of higher education providers.

Higher education providers that have previously been through TEQSA’s renewal of registration process, and have a significant track-record of low-risk, high-quality delivery of higher education, will be offered the opportunity to have their period of registration (currently seven years) extended by up to three years.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said that every decision to offer extended registration takes into consideration providers’ risk ratings and regulatory history, and highlights the agency’s commitment to streamlining its regulation of the sector in a proportionate and risk reflective manner.

“With the TEQSA Act calling for us to regulate Australian higher education using principles relating to regulatory necessity, risk and proportionality, this change will express our confidence in providers that have proven during previous assessments that they meet all legislative requirements”, said Mr McClaran.

“The change will also allow TEQSA to target regulatory effort where it is most needed and more effectively manage our workload. We aim to reduce the time taken to assess applications and reach regulatory decisions – an issue that we know is important to providers.”.

The change in approach to provider registration and course accreditation will not affect TEQSA’s annual risk assessment process, which strengthens the protection of student interests and the sector’s reputation by monitoring key aspects of all higher education providers’ operations during their registration periods.

Any decision to offer higher education providers an extension of their registration or course accreditation periods will be guided by a range of relevant matters outlined in the Extensions to the period of provider registration or course accreditation policy, and will only be offered to providers who have successfully applied to renew their registration with TEQSA in the past.

More information

View the Extensions to the period of registration or course accreditation policy.

Media enquiries

Raphael May, Assistant Director, Communications: raphael.may [at] teqsa.gov.au, 0437 143 012 or (03) 8306 2536.