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TEQSA releases latest annual report

22 October 2018

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has released its annual report for the 2017-18 financial year, highlighting positive feedback on the agency’s increased engagement with the sector.

The TEQSA Annual Report 2017-18 includes positive evidence of reductions in the time taken to reach decisions on applications for renewal of course accreditation, and increased engagement and quality enhancement activity undertaken by the agency.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said that the report offers the agency, its stakeholders and the public an insight into the internal and external factors that influenced its work over the previous financial year.

“TEQSA accepts that while there were improvements to some of our regulatory timeframes there is still a need for further improvement, and the Government has ensured we have the resourcing to do this, thanks to additional funding and staffing announced in the 2018-19 Budget”, said Mr McClaran.

“Our focus for the coming financial year will be on improving our performance through the recruitment and training of new staff, and process improvements in the way TEQSA approaches our regulatory functions”.

The report also highlights TEQSA’s part in helping to tackle sector-wide issues, with the agency undertaking significant activity in relation to improving the transparency of providers' admissions processes, the management of incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment by providers, and the continuing threat to academic integrity posed by contract cheating.

The current financial year is TEQSA’s eighth year in operation and the agency’s recently updated corporate plan has taken on board its performance during 2017-18. The corporate plan highlights the need to improve the timeliness of decision making, to review approaches to case management and to ensure regulatory actions reflect the risks to students and the reputation of Australian higher education.

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