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National program of workshops latest initiative to protect academic integrity

17 September 2019

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) will roll out a national series of workshops to assist higher education providers in promoting and protecting academic integrity at their institutions.

TEQSA considers academic integrity a key issue, recognising that breaches of academic integrity have broad and serious implications, in addition to the risks to the reputation of Australian higher education.

TEQSA has appointed the University of South Australia to develop and deliver around 20 workshops across Australia, with the program to be led by Associate Professor Tracey Bretag, University of South Australia, with Dr Guy Curtis, University of Western Australia, Dr Christine Slade, University of Queensland, and Dr Margot McNeill, International College of Management Sydney.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said the agency was keen to see increased engagement between providers to promote the importance of institutional responses to academic integrity and further advance good practices, policies and procedures to mitigate risk.

He said the development of good practice in maintaining academic and research integrity was paramount, together with the need for quality assurance in addressing the risks that contract cheating in particular poses to the integrity of the sector.

“TEQSA’s purpose is to safeguard student interests and the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector,” Mr McClaran said.

“The development of good practice in maintaining academic and research integrity remains a key focus of TEQSA and these workshops will complement the resources we currently have in place, including the Good Practice Note: Addressing contract cheating to safeguard academic integrity,” he said.

“Importantly, the workshops will promote discussion and assist higher education providers in protecting academic integrity, particularly in the context of preventing, detecting and responding to contract cheating.”

The workshops will be open to higher education providers, including academic and professional staff, and focus areas will include, but are not limited to, guidance on developing or enhancing measures to promote academic integrity, strategies to prevent contract cheating, and effective measures in response to contract cheating activity.

Beginning 28 October at EQUALS International, Adelaide, workshops will be held in metropolitan and key regional centres in late 2019 and early 2020, and higher education providers will receive invitations shortly. 

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