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International engagement strategy updated

2 October 2018

Since the implementation of TEQSA’s International Engagement Strategy in 2016, we have made significant progress against its objectives and forged strong relationships with regulatory agencies and higher education organisations across the globe. 

In light of this progress, an updated version of our International Engagement Strategy has been published, which includes a number of case studies detailing our engagement activities under the strategy’s objectives.

The case studies cover activity, which has included: 

  • A pilot project aimed at determining the equivalency of the accreditation processes between TEQSA and the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications
  • The development of a toolkit for quality assuring online learning aimed at assisting developing quality assurance agencies in the Asia Pacific region
  • A staff exchange program, which has seen TEQSA host, and be hosted by, international quality assurance agencies.

The updated strategy will remain in place until 2020, with TEQSA still working hard to grow our international ties, and ensuring that we are able to effectively quality assure and support Australian transnational higher education.

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