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Budget measures set to boost TEQSA’s monitoring and assurance activities

9 May 2018

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has welcomed measures to ensure its ongoing financial viability announced in the Commonwealth Government’s Budget 2018-19.

The addition of $24.3 million over four years will deliver significant benefits to the higher education sector by allowing the agency to further its quality assurance of all higher education providers.

The additional funding will come, in part, from aligning TEQSA’s cost recovery activity and charging model with wider government policy.

TEQSA’s current partial cost recovery arrangements, considered appropriate during its formative years, will be progressively amended to full cost recovery arrangements over a four-year period, in line with the Australian Government’s Charging Framework.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said that the changes would strengthen the agency’s oversight of Australian higher education and significantly boost capacity to undertake monitoring, investigation and compliance activities where quality is a cause for concern.

“Also announced in the Budget is $3.1million to allow TEQSA to undertake a national role tackling the increasingly complex issue of contract cheating and academic integrity in higher education”, said Mr McClaran.

“The additional funding and revised cost recovery arrangements will ensure TEQSA is properly equipped to deal with emerging issues, and able to fulfil its purpose of protecting and enhancing Australia’s reputation for quality higher education”.

The additional funding will also allow TEQSA to more effectively manage regulatory activities, which have been affected in recent times by a marked increase in the number of registration applications from prospective higher education providers.

Stakeholders will be invited to comment on a draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement.

More information

  • Find out more about the Budget 2018-19 from the dedicated Budget website.
  • View the Department of Education and Training's Portfolio Budget Statement from the Department's website.
  • Australian Government Charging Framework: The Australian Government Charging Framework was introduced to improve the consistency of government charging activities and help determine when it is appropriate to charge for government activity. More information is available from the Department of Finance's website.
  • Charging for regulatory activities (cost recovery): The Australian Government charges the non-government sector for a range of regulatory activities by recovering some or all of the efficient costs of those activities. Charging for these activities, on a full or partial cost recovery basis, are subject to the Australian Cost Recovery Guidelines, which set ou the overarching framework under which government entities design, implement and review regulatory charging activities. More information is available from the Department of Finance's website.

Media enquiries

Raphael May, Assistant Director, Communications: raphael.may [at] teqsa.gov.au, 0437 143 012 or (03) 8306 2536.