TEQSA stakeholder survey 2018: Report of overall findings

In June 2018 the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) conducted the third of its sector wide surveys. The purpose of the survey was to increase TEQSA’s accountability, better understand its impact on higher education providers, and improve its performance. 

TEQSA engaged Australian Survey Research (ASR) to deploy and analyse a web survey of 235 principal contacts (PC) and 42 peak, professional and student bodies (PPSB). A total of 156 principal contacts and 24 PPSBs completed the survey. 

The 2018 survey consisted of:

  • One version for principal contacts of all higher education providers (those registered as well as those who had submitted initial registration applications)
  • A brief version for the operational head of selected peak, professional and student bodies.

The 2018 survey items were almost identical to those used in 2017. The content of the surveys focused on TEQSA’s key performance indicators from its current Regulator Performance Framework. In addition, principal contacts were asked about various recent interactions with TEQSA including applications, case managers and roundtables. All respondents in all surveys were asked to rate TEQSA’s overall performance as a regulator.

A copy of the report is available above in MS Word and PDF formats.