Online learning good practice

TEQSA’s online learning good practice hub was launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to support providers with the transition to online learning. These resources were subsequently added to throughout 2020 and 2021. 

In early 2022, TEQSA reviewed and refined this content to reflect the changing nature of online teaching and learning, building on insights and experiences of providers, teaching staff and students during the pandemic.

TEQSA welcomes further contributions and feedback, as we aim to build on the materials already available to ensure that this resource continues to be useful and relevant to the sector.

How to contribute

TEQSA invites academics, experts and practitioners to contribute practical resources to help build on the resources provided on this site.

Contributions of further resources are welcome at


Teaching and learning

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Information about teaching approaches, preparation and management of online classes, providing effective feedback and hybrid/blended learning.

Assessments and academic integrity

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TEQSA has compiled these resources to support providers and teaching staff to uphold assessment and academic integrity when delivering online learning.​​​​​​

Online teaching for practice-based subjects

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Information to assist providers and teaching staff in delivering practice-based subjects via online settings. 

Welfare and wellbeing

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Information to assist providers in implementing policies and approaches to support student and staff wellbeing.

Experts advice hub

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TEQSA has published a suite of information sheets and webinars on issues of key pertinence to providers in relation to online learning. The materials have been prepared by specialist experts within the sector, drawing from their experience on the topics presented.

Additional resources

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Further resources, including research of student experiences with online learning during the pandemic.


TEQSA acknowledges the contributions of the following people to the development of this site:

Alison Felce, Quality Assurance Agency (UK)
Amanda Müller, Flinders University
Belinda Tynan, RMIT University
Blake McKimmie, University of Queensland
Brenda M Stoesz, University of Manitoba
Brigitte Sloot, Australian Institute of Business
Cathy Stone, University of Newcastle
Christine Slade, University of Queensland
Claire Macken, RMIT University
David Bowser, Curio
Dawn Gilmore, RMIT University
Edwina Ross, Engineering Institute of Technology
Gavin Fleer, Online Education Services
Indumathi V, Engineering Institute of Technology
James Adonopoulos, Kaplan Australia
Janice Orrell, Flinders University
Jason Lodge, University of Queensland
Josh Seeland, Assiniboine Community College
Kay Souter
Kevin Ashford-Rowe, Queensland University of Technology
Leah Matthews, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (USA)
Lin Martin, Former TEQSA Commissioner
Liz Heathcote, Australian Institute of Business
Liz Johnson, Deakin University
Margot McNeill, International College of Management, Sydney
Mark Brown, National Institute for Digital Learning (Ireland)
Matt Bower, Macquarie University
Michael Sankey, Griffith University
Michelle Cavaleri, Asia Pacific International College
Orla Lynch, Department of Education and Skills (Ireland)
Paul Wappett, Australian Institute of Business
Phill Dawson, Deakin University
Rebecca Barclay, Online Education Services
Sarah Montgomery, IRIS Invigilation
Shelley Kinash, University of Southern Queensland
Sheona Thomson, Queensland University of Technology
Spice Wang, Asia Pacific International College
Stephen Naylor, James Cook University
Steve Mackay, Engineering Institute of Technology
Suneeti Rekhari, RMIT University
Tom Whitford, The University of Melbourne
Trish Powers, Torrens University Australia


TEQSA makes the information on this website available to assist higher education providers, ELICOS providers and foundation program providers to provide online learning in order to manage the impact of COVID-19. It has been obtained from a range of external sources and has not been generated by or on behalf of TEQSA. You should read, and carefully consider, the disclaimer before accessing any of the material.

Last Updated:

13 Oct 2022