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Complaint form

Important information about anonymous complaints

While anonymous complaints can be made, we will only investigate complaints that include sufficient information. If you wish to make a complaint anonymously, or without providing contact details, we won’t be able to ask for additional information (if needed), refer your complaint to the relevant complaint handling body, or higher education provider in question.

If you wish to make an anonymous complaint, email complaints [at] teqsa.gov.au.

Enter the name of the higher education provider that your complaint is about. If your complaint is about us, enter 'TEQSA'
Are you a student, ex-student, staff member, etc.?
We can only accept complaints about higher education providers compliance with the HES Framework, National Code or ESOS/TEQSA Act. Choose which category your complaint falls under.
Outline what your complaint is about.
Outline the steps you have taken so far to resolve your complaint (e.g. have you accessed a higher education provider's formal complaints process?)
Outline what you hope to achieve by making this complaint, or the outcome you would like to see.