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Assessment integrity

Online learning good practice
Icon for assessment integrity Your course is online, your students are engaged and it’s assessment time. With academic integrity and contract cheating being global areas of concern, here you will find useful resources to assist with developing online assessments as well as tips to ensure academic integrity. 
Resource   Resource type Level
Academic integrity during COVID-19 Icon for the word new   Icon for webinar Webinar Beginner
Alternatives to exams - From CRADLE at Deakin University   Icon for guide Guide Beginner
Creating academic integrity resources for rapid online delivery   Case Study icon Case study Beginner
Encouraging academic integrity online   Icon for article Article Beginner
Your content is online, what's next? Tip #7: Build feedback loops into your online teaching practice   Icon for article Article Beginner
Teacher’s Handbook on e-Assessment - Geoffrey Crisp   Icon for handbook Handbook Beginner
Academic integrity and online learning   Icon for guide Guide Beginner/
Detecting and addressing contract cheating in online assessment    Icon for webinar Webinar Beginner/
Keep teaching: Educators - academic integrity and assessments    Icon for information hub Information
Developing secure online exam capability   Icon for blog Blog Intermediate
Key lessons and successes of the University of New England's experience in implementing large scale remotely invigilated (proctored) online exams   Icon for video series Presentations
and videos
Authentic online oral assessment - an examination replacement    Icon for webinar Webinar Intermediate/
Deakin University: Ensuring academic integrity and assessment security with redesigned online delivery    Icon for guide Guide Intermediate/
Online exam challenges: migration or transformation?    Icon for webinar Webinar Intermediate/
IRIS Invigilation (IRIS) software detects academic dishonesty during online assessments. IRIS records audio, video, and computer screen activity for the duration of a test/exam. IRIS analyses these recordings using machine learning and automatically flags potential cheating   Icon for service provider Service
Not applicable

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