TEQSA to publish decisions faster and prominently

February 14, 2017

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency is consulting on proposed changes to the frequency and way it publishes its decisions.

This will provide faster, clearer information to help students make informed choices about their education.

Under the proposed changes, information about significant TEQSA decisions would be published on the National Register of Higher Education Providers shortly after they are made rather than after the expiry of a review period.

The move is part of a series of changes mooted in the Proposed changes to the publication of TEQSA’s decisions: Consultation Paper [PDF, 197KB, 6 pages]sent to the sector for feedback.

It reflects TEQSA’s drive to provide up to date information about potential and current higher education providers and push for transparency.

TEQSA chief executive Anthony McClaran said the changes would enhance the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector. 

“It is important that we provide timely information about our decisions, as there is substantial and legitimate public interest,” Mr McClaran said.

“Questions about whether TEQSA should publish more information, including rejections, involve an important balance between the interests of higher education providers, students and other stakeholders.

“The reason we are proposing to publish rejections, in addition to publishing information faster and in a more prominent way, is a desire for transparency in our operations in light of public, and particularly student interest.”

The TEQSA Act emphasises the importance of ensuring that students have access to information about Australian higher education information.

“All these proposals are designed to make sure that TEQSA is providing students with information in a way which helps them to make informed choice about their education,” he said.

“TEQSA will carefully consider all feedback before we make changes to our approach as we are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide us with their views.”