From time to time, TEQSA will seek feedback from the higher education sector. Information about TEQSA consultations will be available on this page.

TEQSA has developed an information sheet about the Agency's approach to conducting consultations:

Current consultations

TEQSA guidance notes

As part of TEQSA’s regulatory reforms including the progressive streamlining of application processes, TEQSA has identified the need to provide information on topics of particular importance under the Threshold Standards. These will be referred to as 'guidance notes' and will be an important part of TEQSA’s regulatory framework, providing guidance to the higher education sector about the interpretation and application of the Threshold Standards based on TEQSA’s experience to date.

Guidance notes released for comment will be published on this page. They are also available with other resources on the provider resources page of this website.

Guidance notes do not introduce any new requirements of providers and it is important to note that these documents are not instructional or ‘how to’ documents. 

In developing each guidance note, TEQSA consults with critical friends from the sector with expertise in the particular topic. TEQSA is also keen to draw on broader views from the sector on each guidance note, and so as each one is posted, it will be open for comment for a period of three months. 

Please direct any feedback to All guidance notes will be subject to review on an annual basis, and any feedback received after the three month consultation period will be taken into account in the review process.

Past consultations

Information on the National Register

The National Register Guidelines outline the provider and course information that TEQSA must include on the register, including providers whose registration has been cancelled by TEQSA. TEQSA may also include other information.

TEQSA is proposing making an amendment to the National Register to include the length of time a provider is registered by TEQSA.

For providers TEQSA has made a registration decision on, the number of years registered will be displayed on the provider details. For courses TEQSA has made a decision on, the number of years accredited will be displayed on the course details.

The consultation period on the proposed changes closed on Friday 12 December 2014. TEQSA will publish a response shortly.

Consultation - 'Future directions for TEQSA's regulatory processes and Regulatory Risk Framework'

In October 2013 TEQSA consulted the higher education sector seeking feedback on the future directions of its regulatory processes and Regulatory Risk Framework. 

After considering all submissions, the Agency has released two summary documents, available for download below:

The submissions received are available on the Reform consultation submissions page.

Consultation - 'Public reporting of regulatory decisions'

TEQSA sought feedback to inform the Agency's decisions on the form, scope, timing, and processes to be used when publishing its regulatory decisions on the National Register of Higher Education providers. 

A summary report of the outcomes of the consultation process is now available.

The consultation paper is provided below for reference only. 

Consultation - 'Information Guidelines'

A summary of the consultation outcomes for the draft information guidelines is now available.

The consultation paper is provided below for reference only. 

Consultation - '2012 Provider Information Request (PIR)'

TEQSA scoped its 2012 request after careful consideration of feedback received from the sector during its consultation on its annual data collection program. A summary of this feedback and TEQSA’s response is set out in the Summary Report of the Consultation Process.

Other consultations

TEQSA has also previously consulted with the higher education sector for comment on:

TEQSA Reference Groups

TEQSA has established three consultative Reference Groups to provide sector feedback and advice to TEQSA on the further development of TEQSA’s key regulatory processes, including aspects of the Regulatory Risk Framework; the collection of data and information; and quality assurance functions.

The TEQSA Reference Groups and their members are:

Regulatory Risk, led by Commissioner Ian Hawke:

  • Mr Steve Somogyi
  • Mr Charles Littrell
  • Ms Kate Gascoigne
  • Mr Tony Heywood
  • Dr George Brown
  • Ms Maria Peters

Information Collection, led by Commissioner Michael Wells:

  • Ms Carol McKenzie
  • Mr Adrian McComb
  • Mr Stuart Hamilton
  • Professor Merran Evans
  • Mr David de Bellis
  • Ms Fleur Goulding

Regulation and Quality Assessment, led by Commissioner Dorte Kristoffersen:

  • Professor Robert Elliot
  • Professor Geoffrey Crisp
  • Professor Anne Jones
  • Ms Julie Renwick
  • A/Professor Beverley Thiele
  • Mr Ben Vivekanandan