Notifications and approvals required of CRICOS registered providers

Notifications required to be provided to TEQSA

The National Code requires a provider to notify TEQSA of certain events, such as the provider wishing to change their details on the CRICOS Register.

Some notifications have timeframes specified in the National Code.

Please refer to the following sections:

  • part D, section 14.3 notification of intention to relocate premises¬†(requires notification at least 20 days prior to change of location)
  • 15.1(a) any prospective changes to the ownership of the registered provider
  • 15.1(b) any prospective or actual change to the high managerial agents
  • 15.2 information on the new owner or high managerial agent.

Notification process

The notification must be submitted in the approved form via the provider portal and include all information requested by TEQSA.

There is no fee for the notification of changes to CRICOS registration.

Approvals Required from TEQSA

CRICOS-registered providers for whom TEQSA is the designated authority must seek approval from TEQSA for the following proposed changes:

  • changes to arrangements with other providers
  • changes to the maximum number of students that a CRICOS-registered provider can enrol
  • changes to the duration of a CRICOS-registered course.

Please see part C, sections 7.4, 10.4 and 12.1 of the National Code.

Approval process

Application documents are available on the forms and guides page. The approval must be submitted in the approved form via the provider portal, include all information requested by TEQSA, and be accompanied by the approved fee.

Providers must pay a non-refundable fee when applying for approval to change arrangements with other providers or change the maximum number of students that a provider can enrol. There is no fee for applications to amend the duration of a course.

Other changes to CRICOS registration

Instructions on other changes to CRICOS registration can be found by clicking the link.