Accreditation of a higher education course of study

An eligible entity that is, or that has applied to become, a registered higher education provider, may apply to TEQSA for the accreditation of a higher education course of study.

 If TEQSA grants the application for accreditation of a course of study, TEQSA will determine the period for which the course is accredited. Under the TEQSA Act this period cannot exceed seven years and may be shorter.

Please note that the Application Form below is not applicable to courses of study that lead to a qualification not recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), such as ELICOS courses or Foundation Programs. Application forms for Foundation Programs and for ELICOS courses delivered by registered higher education providers or in a pathway arrangement with higher education providers, can be found in the CRICOS section of the website.

Application documents are available on the forms and guides page.The application must be made in the approved form, include all information requested by TEQSA, and must be accompanied by the approved fee and payment/invoice form.

It is essential that applicants read the Application Guide before completing the Application Form.